Rio Celeste

Volcano Project

Volunteer in a national park


What`s it about?

The color of the Celeste River, surrounded by an exuberant forest, offers an impressive landscape worthy of knowing and admiring.

A river of crystal clear water that is dyed turquoise. It is not an act of magic: it is a natural spectacle that you can only witness at the site known as “El Teñidero.”

Located in the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range, this park protects a unique rain forest with species of flora and fauna of regional importance.

The area offers natural panoramic views that allow you to appreciate the plains of the Pacific and the Caribbean.

"It is a magical place that offers a wide variety of possibilities to appreciate the wonders of nature. If you do not know it yet, you won`t regret it.

Park Requirements

  • Any volunteer who enters the Volcano National Park will be induced in the theme to be developed, as well as a brushstroke of what the National Park and its attractions are, in addition to the organization and work schemes.

  • Any volunteer must dress appropriately for the work of attention to visitors.

  • Any volunteer that enters the Park, is under the tutelage of the park ranger, so it requires permission to leave the facilities to perform any management. But no worries, of course they will let you leave.

  • Any volunteer who enters the facilities will have to bring…

  1. their bedding

  2. flashlight,

  3. rubber boots, field shoes and

  4. comfortable clothes and

  5. all personal hygiene materials.

Tasks as volunteer?

In the field of Biodiversity Monitoring:

1 . The Volunteer can choose between monitoring mammals or avifauna"

2. Inventory of plant and tree species found on trails

  • Visitor Attention

  • Conducting surveys

  • Office work

  • Environmental education

  • Maintenance of trails

  • Facility Maintenance

  • Emergency care

  • Cleaning of green areas

Accommodation & Facilities

  • Facilities have rooms with cabins, so the arrangement is of joint coexistence, order and cleanliness is essential.

  • They have a washing machine and dryer so it is necessary that volunteers have their materials (soap for washing), to be able to use them, always with the permission of the official in office.


Apply Now!

Available: Always

minimum Duration*: 2 weeks

Accommodation: Hostel close by

Food: 3 meals a day

Sector: North Central

Schedule: 5-6 days / 8am - 4pm

Transport: public transport

WiFi: Yes (but with bad signal)