North pacific coast

Turtles, Environmental Conversation & Local Education

Volunteering with animals & nature


What is it about?

We invite volunteers, conscientious global citizens, researchers, retreats and interest groups to engage with our working model for sustainable development and environmental conservation - cultivating the skills, practices and knowledge base required to reduce humanity's heavy footprint on the Earth.

Tasks as volunteer?

Our Eco-Volunteers play a vital role in developing and maintaining our sustainability practices and permaculture systems. Each volunteer program offers an experiential learning component to prepare volunteers in your contribution to greater sustainability, in our local communities, and ultimately, wherever your life’s journey may take you.

  1. Be a part of the solution and support species conservation from egg nesting to baby turtle hatching for Olive Ridley, Leatherback, Hawksbill and Green turtles

  2. Food, fertilizer, soil regeneration and more. Become a chicken-keeping expert, build a state-of-the art chicken coop, and experience firsthand all the reasons why chickens are a sustainable farmer’s best friend

  3. Learn to build a real hydroponic greenhouse and medicinal plant nursery to support sustainable local food production and community wellbeing.

  4. Get your hands dirty learning the basics of permaculture farming and planting this year’s fruit and vegetable crops for local community consumption.


Our lovely cooks and volunteers prepare a variety of dishes for our communal meals, from traditional Costa Rican food to a mix of international dishes. There is a vegetarian option at every meal. If you have specific dietary needs, please inform us ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


  • You will sleep in a comfortable shared lodging in open-air bungalows + delicious farm-to-table meals + Eco-cultural immersion activities.


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Available: Always

minimum Duration*: 2 weeks

Accommodation: Bungalow

Food: 3 Meals

Sector: North Pacific Coast

Schedule: 5-6 days a week
6-8 hours a day

Transport: public transport
Project shuttle

WiFi: Yes

Refrigerator: YES

Washing machine Yes

North Pacific - Coast

North Pacific - Coast