Our Services

  • NO registration fees.

  • Book more than one project and you'll get $ 125 OFF every fold.

  • Our longtime experience in this field will to guarantee you a great experience.

  • Have always somebody here to help you experience Costa Rica your way.


  1. Airport Pick-Up

  2. Meet JONA-Staff at your hostel (1st night included)

  3. All Information in digital sustainable form about your trip

  4. For all needs and questions we are on-site for you

  5. Steady contact to keep projects information accurate

  6. Availability via emergency phone 24/7

  7. Certificate of attendance upon request

  8. Food and accommodation in the projects described on the website


  1. Flight

  2. Any insurance (Health, Anti-theft etc.) - Health Insurance is required

  3. Put your program together (You can use the time between projects as you want)

  4. Transportation costs for public buses or private shuttle

  5. If you stay more than 3 months, you have to extend your stay permission each 3 month. We help you with it and you can add an cheap bus ticket while your booking. - Is required

we require an minimum age of 20 or over! - You can still apply if you are under age.

Its not a bad will. Its required to make sure a certain experience and responsibility. But we would love to talk to you through a SKYPE - Interview.