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Volunteering in Costa Rica


When it comes to your time out or a contributing to the environmental and wildlife conservation in Costa Rica or just getting to know jungle, you'll soon realize that just leaving is almost impossible. The organization of a longer stay abroad should be well planned.

We know this because, regardless of whether volunteering in animal and environmental projects, teaching English in a Caribbean school, or completing an individual internship in medicine or a school, our staff has been professionally organizing all of this professionally for more than 7 years in Costa Rica. In addition, our team has taken at least once a longer break and traveled far away countries and is right in Costa Rica for you.

Your trip is best started with us!


Caribbean primary school

Cross borders and get involved in the Costa Rican education system. Become a volunteer in a typical Caribbean primary school and help to develop the area by doing teaching the kids in different subjects.

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Bees & Agriculture

Leave a positive mark as volunteer by engaging in the protection of the most important insect in the world, THE BEES! They pollinate up to 80% of our useful and wild plants. By participating in this project you will be responsible for contributing in activities such as creating bee gardens, school presentations or…

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Permaculture & Organic Life

The projects mission is to provide, through the principles and practice of Permaculture and organic lifestyle, an alternative to the destructive land use practices, loss of cultural heritage and community, depletion of our natural resources, decimation of biodiversity and rampant wastefulness taking place throughout Costa Rica and the world.
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Animal rescue center

Rescue, rehabilitate and guarantee the quality of life of the Costa Rican wildlife, motivating the respect and appreciation of these animals and also educating about their nature.

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Agriculture & Social RT

Immersed in the mountains of a River. Here you can experience peace and quiet and the authenticity of the real Costa Rican culture. The project is a mountain lodge situated in a small community in an unique nature reserve nearby Manuel Antonio, a village which represents the rural areas of Costa Rica.

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Sea Turtle Conservation

As a marine conservation volunteer, you will take part in night surveys, monitoring nesting sea turtles, relocating eggs to the hatchery and releasing baby turtles into the ocean...

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Coffee Kids Houses

There are currently 15 kindergartens in the southern highlands of Costa Rica that hope for your help. The project is unique in the world and the 16th kindergarden will be almost opened in 2019. These are day care centers for the children of the coffee collectors …

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Spanish School

  1. add this course to each individual project

  2. The Intensive Spanish course provides comprehensive instructions using the communicative approach with university trained and certified teachers.

  3. Classes are dynamic, interactive, and focused on communication skills.

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THE BEST - Caribbean Surf Camp

rush of riding some of the best waves the Caribbean has to offer, guided by the most experienced certified instructors in the region.

We created not only an ordinary surf camp, NO we created a camp which includes an amazing island surf walk and snorkel and also an nice grill at the beach and we offer you much more things to do.
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Our Services

  • NO registration fees.

  • Book more than one project and you'll get $ 125 OFF every fold.

  • Our longtime experience in this field will to guarantee you a great experience.

  • Have always somebody here to help you experience Costa Rica your way.


  1. Airport Pick-Up

  2. Meet JONA-Staff at your hostel (1st night included)

  3. All Information in digital sustainable form about your trip

  4. For all needs and questions we are on-site for you

  5. Steady contact to keep projects information accurate

  6. Availability via emergency phone 24/7

  7. Certificate of attendance upon request

  8. Food and accommodation in the projects described on the website


  1. Flight

  2. Any insurance (Health, Anti-theft etc.) - Health Insurance is required

  3. Put your program together (You can use the time between projects as you want)

  4. Transportation costs for public buses or private shuttle

  5. If you stay more than 3 months, you have to extend your stay permission each 3 month. We help you with it and you can add an cheap bus ticket while your booking. - Is required

we require an minimum age of 20 or over! - You can still apply if you are under age.

Its not a bad will. Its required to make sure a certain experience and responsibility. But we would love to talk to you through a SKYPE - Interview.


Who we are?


JONA -  IS An acronym OF - JOIN NATURE

From time to time we forget that we only have one planet and that we all have to take responsibility. We have to become involved!

Each life counts and each single person with will make a difference. What can be better than making  your trip a meaninful one. You can travel and also give back as a volunteer in different fields. If being a medical volunteer, work in environmental or wildlife conservacion, being a international teaching volunteer or protect endangered species.

Every such little thing sensitizes us to take care in our everyday environment.

What we stand for:

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