Southern Mountains

Coffee Kids Houses

Volunteering with Kids


What´s it about?

There are currently 15 kindergartens in the southern highlands of Costa Rica that hope for your help. The project is unique in the world and the 16th kindergarden will be almost opened in 2019. These are day care centers for the children of the coffee collectors, who would have to take their children to the coffee plantations during the harvest, mostly for lack of funds. The workers are mainly of indigenous descent and some of them come from nearby Panama.

The project will enable children to get better medical care, day care in the day care center and the opportunity for basic education.


The project receives support from, UNICEF, UCR - Universtity of Costa Rica, the coffee cultivators, JONA Abroad and several national institutions.

Accommodation & Food

You sleep directly on the coffee plantations with the respective farmers, where also your kindergarten is the joy. You get full board here. To eat there is usually typical Costa Rican food, which usually consists of rice, beans, plantains and some fruits and vegetables.

What´s expected from you?

  • Fun and sense of responsibility in dealing with children

  • Positive attitude in life and nature

  • teamwork with teachers

  • Dedicated work and punctuality

  • to be flexible with your tasks

  • treat the project with respect and except there requirements

Your responsibilities

  • early suggestion for children

  • alphabetization

  • promoting physical activity

  • Brush teeth

  • Wash your hands

  • healthy living habits.

Just as well, volunteers have the opportunity to suggest new ideas and projects that they can do with children. These would first be analyzed and implemented by the volunteers themselves as long as they are feasible and affordable.


Apply Now!

Availability: Sept - Jan



FOOD: Full Board

SECTOR: southern mountains

SCHEDULE: 6 days a week


WIFI: YES (BUT WITH limited Signal)