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Bees Conservation & Agriculture

Volunteering with animals


What´s it about?

OUR MISSION is to save the bees and raise awareness by public speaking in the community including schools, bee tours, and creating bee gardens. Today in various places of our planet the conservation of different animal species has become extremely important. Leave a positive mark by engaging in the protection of the most important insect in the world, THE BEE!

Our project originated as a family project in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Its purpose is to provide a much needed protection for bees due to a decrease in population.  Bees find their home in hollow walls, rooftops, patios, backyards, and of course trees! The sharing of their habitat with humans has yield for their extermination.

Our project is dedicated to safely removing the bee colonies
with the purpose of preserving and protecting all species of bees including…

  • honey bees

  • bumble bees

  • solitary bees

  • and all the native sting less bees.

Tasks as volunteer?

By participating in this project you will be responsible for contributing in activities such as

  • creating bee gardens

  • school presentations

  • assisting bee rescues

  • and light carpentry for making and painting beehives and wood frames.

  • planting fruits and vegetables and you do other gardening and harvesting work

  • work in a primary school garden one day a week

You will work half days Monday through Friday and enjoy a typical Costa-Rican breakfast during work days.

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What is expected from you?

  • Positive attitude in life and nature

  • No fear for bees or bee allergies

  • Positive teamwork

  • Fun and sense of responsibility

  • Dedicated work

Possible Activities in free time

  • Bike Tours

  • Surfing

  • Visit the aborigine

  • Tour to the Caribbean island Uvita in Limon

  • Diving Courses

  • Chocolate Tour

  • Banana Tour

  • Short hikes on the trails

  • or just relaxing in an hammock


  • You live in rustic and easy equipped beds.

  • There is no luxury or any comfort. But what you´ll have is the most beautiful view in an untouched natural resort in Costa Rica.


Apply Now!

Available: Always

minimum Duration*: 2 weeks

Accommodation: Cabins (sharing room)

Food: Breakfast

Sector: Caribbean Coast

Best time: whole year

Schedule: Monday-Friday (half day)

Transport: public transport or shuttle bus

WiFi: Yes

Puerto Viejo - Caribbean

Puerto Viejo - Caribbean