Central west pacific

Reserve Conservation & Reforesting

Volunteering in Nature Conservation



This project needs is an amazing opportunity to help to develop something greater in sustainability and reforesting. JONA Abroad gets NO PROFIT out of this project and all payments go directly to the project. The owner looks for somebody close to nature and who cares about rescuing and reforesting the 770 hectare. If you want to stay here you will be almost alone and need the enthusiasm to bring your own afford into it. You will find food and a simple accommodation in his home and an absolutely great experience in an untouched area of Costa Rican Cloud forest.

In the lap of mountains at a river you can experience peace and quiet and the authenticity of the real Costa Rican culture. The project is a mountain lodge situated in a small community 13km from the pacific coast nearby Quepos- Manuel Antonio, a village which represents the rural areas of Costa Rica.

Also, you will be able to reconnect in an ambience of peace and relaxation, and explore the surroundings, which possess an impressive richness of rivers and waterfalls, as well as some magnificent views of Cerro de la Muerte and the coastal area of Quepos with clear weather.

Your tasks ?

Garden and reforesting

  • Restoring wildlife habitat

  • Tree nursery: Collect and propagate seeds

  • Planting native species such as trees, flowers or fruits and vegetables

  • Tree maintenance: Mulch and weed to help young seedlings thrive

  • Reforesting the plants of the area

  • Vegetable gardens: For longer stays, you may have the option to plant and raise much of your own food and develop the project

Grounds and infrastructure

  • Trail building and maintenance: Building steps, trail markers, signs and water runoff trenches or extend living facilities for visitors and workers

  • Rebuild the local church

  • Carpentry: Build benches, shelters or information boards

  • Building maintenance: Repair and improve existing buildings


Within the next 2 years I want to develop the area, the sustainability of this beautiful land. Also I would like to educate the community about how to manage a sustainable environment without destroying the land and killing animals. At the same time teach foreigners and the community how to live in balance with nature.


Volunteer requirements:

  • Able to work independently or in pairs and teams

  • Self motivated to move the project forward and to integrate own ideas

  • Comfortable living in a close knit community

  • 21 years or older

  • Able to fund your food and accommodations for the duration of your stay

  • Commit to a minimum of 2 weeks


You will live in a very simple and rustic house. You have a simple kitchen and a simple bed here. There will be also at night. The wildlife is very active and also finds a way into the house. The landscape and the simple life of Cost Rica will change your life.


Apply Now!

Available: Always

minimum Duration*:            1 week

Accommodation: rustic & simple

Food:       Full ingredients
self preparing

Sector:                                   central west Coast

Best time:                              whole year

Transport:                            Public or
shuttle bus

Wifi:                                      No

cleaning supplies:               only biodegradable soap !

Central West Pacific - Close to Manuel Antonio

Central West Pacific - Close to Manuel Antonio