Who we are



From time to time we forget that we only have one planet and that we all have to take responsibility. We have to become involved!

Each life counts and each single person with will make a difference.
What can be better than making  your trip a meaninful one. You can travel and also give back as a volunteer in different fields. If being a medical volunteer, work in environmental or wildlife conservacion, being a international teaching volunteer or protect endangered species.

Every such little thing sensitizes us to take care in our everyday environment.


what we stand for:

rescue important and necessary animals

rescue, develop and protect our Ecosystem

education is the key for healthy inovation

taking social responsibility

rescue & protect animals and give them a better life

increase the turtle population

clean water and oceans

avoid unnecessary material usage like paper

reforesting the jungle

developing costa rican infostructure

Sebastian Pohl.jpg

Sebastian Pohl
Founder of Jona Abroad S.A.